This Division Includes:

LOX Delta Wall Plugs

LOX Delta Wall Plugs have a Higher pull out strength than any other wall plug on the market (triple anchoring points). As screw enters, the delta wings system expands, anchoring the plug. Flange design prevents plug falling into wall cavity.

High tensile hex bolts and setscrews in metric / UNC / UNF threads

Stainless steel hex bolts and setscrews in metric and UNC threads

Socket head cap screws 12.9 grade high tensile, stainless steel, metric and inch

Threaded rod in mild steel, high tensile, and stainless steel

A complete range of nuts, locknuts, washers, to suit the above Self drill hex screws for metal cladding/ stitching, sheet metal, ducting, metal decking, etc.

'Renu Thread' inserts for damaged female threads in maintenance and repair

Unique Product: MDF Drillers:

Self drill, self countersink, hardened and waxed woodscrews Drill straight into hardwoods and MDF board with ease - no pre-drilling or countersinking required Perfect for production lines, in particular, furniture industry - saving time and money.

Other products within this division:

  • Fascor Rivets - aluminium 3.2, 4.0, 4.8, 6mm diameter by various lengths - standard and large flange, plus a range of quality riveting pliers, lazy tongs, and hydro pneumatic.
  • Maintenance assortment boxes of rolled pins, self tappers, circlips, etc.
  • Breeze USA stainless high torque hose clamps 6-170mm; make-a-clamp kits for very large diameters - perfect for large diameter flexi ducting, etc.
  • Loxeal Anaerobic Engineering Adhesives - nutlock, studlock, bearing and shaft lock. This is a very wide range fully certified sealants and cyanoacrylates (super glues). For more information go to Chemicals division.